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Roy Jacks van near lakeside setting

Established removals company in Widnes

Established in 1965, Roy Jacks Removals is a family-run business based in Widnes and working across the North West.

The history of Roy Jacks Removals

Roy Jacks Removals has been providing exceptional services across the North West since 1965. As a family-run business, we have evolved over time and we are proud of our achievements, now being one of the most respected storage and removals companies in our area.

Look below at some of the key events that make us what we are today.

Young Roy Jack


Roy spent the earlier years of his life working on a farm with steam tractors and also worked for the dairy delivering milk from the Victoria Stables in West Bank, Widnes.

A few years down the line after World War II, Roy was old enough to join the army. Roy served as an Irish Guard and did his national service in which he marched in the first trooping of the colour since WW2 for King George! This was one of Roy's proudest moments.


After hanging up his Bear Skin, (Parade headdress) Roy decided to go back onto the horses delivering milk in and around Widnes as well as being a window cleaner! Two jobs were a must at this point as Roy and Rita (his wife) had a little one to feed.

Roy left his job at the dairy and started work for a removals and furniture company known as Sextons Removals. Roy enjoyed this job and took a serious passion for it.

After sustaining an injury to his back at work, Roy had no choice but to find a job that was not laborious until he recovered. He eventually found a job at the ICI in Widnes driving the chemical tankers all around the country, back then you did not need a HGV licence (imagine that nowadays!)

Once Roy recovered, he wanted to go back into the removals industry. Roy and Rita decided to make the jump and establish their own removal business, this was very risky at this point, because they now had two little ones to feed.

Roy and his wife Rita
1960 Roy Jack Removals


Roy took the plunge and bought a Bedford TK and applied for his operators licence, during the application process Roy faced numerous appeals and other setbacks but was eventually granted his standard international licence.

Business was hard at first for Roy and Rita, but with grit and determination they got the business up and running. Little did they know back then it would be a family known name throughout Widnes and the region.

A few more years passed, and their eldest child Gary started to work for the business. Gary, like his dad, also had a massive interest and purpose for the business influencing Roy into investing into cardboard boxes instead of tea chests and eventually evolving the company towards containerised storage which was a massive feat for the company and still has a huge impact today.

As the years went on, Roy and Rita decided to happily retire and pass the company onto their son Gary. 


The turn of the millennium saw the housing market stabilise and grow rapidly.


As demand for storage and removals grew larger, after much thought, Gary decided to invest in a purpose-built facility to accommodate over 300 storage containers.

During these years Gary's sons, Ryan and Alex eventually joined the firm after leaving school. They continue to run the company and explore other avenues in the removal industry such as confidential shredding and international removals.

Roy Jacks lorry line-up
Entrance to Roy Jacks self storage units


After years of market research and plenty of discussions, the decision was made to open a new purpose self-storage facility. This opens up the preference to our clients, whether it is for household storage, business storage or student storage, we can accommodate.

Shot of an attractive young couple moving house

Your possessions are safe with us

If you’re looking for an established storage and removals company in the North West, contact the team at Roy Jacks Removals in Widnes on

0151 424 4966

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